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If you have a rotted or chipped tooth, contact Northwest Implant Dental Spa. We can preserve the remaining racked, diseased, or broken tooth and tissue with a custom-fitted dental crown. A dental crown is also used to root a bridge, filling in adjacent gaps caused by missing teeth.

Whether you want to restore the function of your teeth or make cosmetic modifications, you can depend on us for quality results. In some situations, we’re even able to offer same-day dental crowns. We use durable materials to make crowns.

  • Materials Include:

  • Cubic Zirconia

  • Porcelain

  • Resin

  • Palladium

It’s important to choose an experienced dentist to advise you on design, build, and installation of your crown or dental bridge. Dr. Daniel Y. Kim DDS, DICOI, has the tools and expertise to provide superior dental care. Schedule your FREE dental consultation today to discuss your options

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