What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontist Wheeling ILHas your dentist ever sent you over to a prosthodontist? If so, you may be wondering what a prosthodontist is and what they do! Most simply, a typical prosthodontist is an expert in the restoration and replacement of teeth. Unlike regular dentists, these specialists spend an extra three years getting specialized training from an American Dental Association program. While there they study the following:

  • Tooth Replacement – Whether through an accident or general aging, a prosthodontist can help you replace your missing teeth. These replacements include crowns, bridges, and partial dentures, as well as full dental implants.
  • Complex Care Services – If you have suffered from an injury where you lost your teeth or have a genetic defect that prevents your teeth from growing properly, a prosthodontist is able to assist you.
  • Cosmetic Care – Having damaged teeth doesn’t mean that you need full replacements. A prosthodontist will be able to assist you with veneers, bleaching, and tooth capping to help you improve your smile and give you more confidence.

Dr. Daniel Y. Kim, an amazing prosthodontist in Wheeling, IL, is available to assist you at the Northwest Dental Implant Spa. Contact us today when you are looking for care in the Chicagoland area.