Tips for a Healthy Mouth During the Work Day

Dentist Wheeling ILWhile you are in the office, your mind is busy completing the tasks for the day. You are most likely not thinking about your teeth and the impact your actions are having on your smile. Take a look at three things you are doing each day that could cause harm to your teeth.

Avoid Chewing on Items- It is common for many people to chew on pens and pencils when they are stressed or thinking. By chewing on these objects, you are more likely to chip your teeth.

Stop Using Your Teeth as a Tool- You might be having a difficult time opening a bag of office supplies or a bag of chips, so you resort to using your teeth as your very own opener. However, by doing this you can damage your teeth.

Stop Smoking- Another stress reliever is smoking. People who smoke usually take a couple of smoke breaks a day. When you smoke you are staining the color of your teeth. You are also damaging your gums and teeth in the process, which can lead to medical problems down the road.

Hopefully, these tips will help you take care of your teeth throughout the day. To discuss other healthy tips with a dentist in Wheeling, IL, give us a call at (847) 629-4875 right now.