Say Cheese! Research Shows Eating Cheese Can Prevent Cavities

Want a snack that tastes yummy and is good for your teeth? Try cheese! Cheese, a source high in calcium, has been found by a recent study published by the Academy of General Dentistry in the U.S., to fight off cavities and give you a healthier mouth. The research found that subjects who ate cheese saw a drop in pH levels in their mouths; lower pH levels help fight plaque, both fighting cavities and protecting enamel.

Cheese is high in casein phosphate, a chemical that lowers the acidity in your mouth making it more resistant to decay. Because cheese stimulates saliva, which cleanses the teeth, it helps to keep the acidity in the mouth low. Additionally, cheese forms a protective film around the teeth keeping them safe from acid.

The higher the pH levels on the surface of teeth, the more teeth are protected against dental erosion, which causes cavities and leads to fillings. However, not all cheese is good for you. You’ll want to avoid highly processed cheeses and anything you can squirt out of a can.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should swap out your toothbrush for some aged cheddar. Instead, pair your favorite cheeses with other tooth-healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Also, visit your dentist in Wheeling, IL, for regular cleanings and checkups.