Foods That Cause Tooth Damage

Surgical Dentist Wheeling ILKeeping your smile beautiful starts with being mindful about what you put into your mouth. Here are some of the foods that can damage your teeth:

  • Sticky Foods – Any foods that are sticky, such as candy and dried fruit, can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Unless you brush and floss directly after eating something sticky, the food will stick to your teeth and stay there for much longer than other foods.
  • Corn on the Cob – It doesn’t matter if you are at a cookout in the summer or sitting down to a meal at your favorite barbecue restaurant, you should avoid eating corn on the cob. Corn on its own is fine to eat, but biting down on the cob has been shown to crack filings, dislodge dentures, and ruin sealants.
  • Potato Chips – Chips may seem like a snack that should be okay to eat – at least in regard to your teeth – but the reality is that chip particles break up and tend to get stuck in your teeth. When stuck for a long period of time, the particles turn into acid-producing bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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