Drinks That are Bad for Your Teeth

Dentist Wheeling ILTaking care of your teeth means being vigilant about the things you put in your body. There are many drinks out there that can cause problems or exacerbate existing issues – sugary drinks being the biggest culprits. Here are some of the drinks that are bad for your teeth:

  • Alcohol – You may not realize it, but most alcohol has a lot of sugar in it, which is naturally bad for your teeth. Additionally, alcohol will reduce the saliva production in your mouth, which will damage your tooth enamel.
  • Coffee and TeaCoffee and tea themselves are not necessarily bad for your teeth, but they can cause staining. When you are working hard to make sure that your teeth are shining and bright, then you should avoid these beverages.
  • Citrus Drinks – Orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, and other citrus beverages do have certain health benefits, but when it comes to your teeth, they can cause issues. The acidity of these beverages is not good for your tooth enamel.

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