3 Signs of Healthy Gums

Chicago Dental ImplantsIf you are debating on getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, there are a couple of things that you will need to take into consideration. One of the first things you must factor into the equation is the health of your gums. This is a vital step in the process because you want to make sure your gums are healthy enough to support dental implants. Listed below are three signs of healthy gums, so you can become one step closer to your dream smile.

No Bleeding- Your gums should not bleed easily, whether you are brushing your teeth, eating, or flossing. If you notice your gums bleeding more and more, you should discuss it with your dentist so they can adequately examine your mouth.

Firm- Your gums should be firm and hug your teeth. You should not be able to wiggle any permanent teeth.

No Tenderness- Whether you are chewing food or brushing your teeth, you should not feel any tenderness in your gums. If you start to notice your gums becoming more sensitive, swollen, or tender, you should call your dentist immediately.

Now that you are aware of what healthy gums are supposed to be, you can determine if Chicago dental implants are for you. Give us a call at (847) 629-4875 and schedule an appointment to discuss dental implants.