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See the Dentist Before Your Vacation

Dental Implants ChicagoAre you getting ready to take a trip for the holidays? Whether you are planning on visiting family out of the state or just planning on going on that big trip out of the country, it is essential to see your dentist before your trip. Anyone who has ever found themselves away from home and dealing with dental pain will tell you that you do not want to take the risk before leaving. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a dentist!

When you visit the dentist, they are able to do a checkup, making sure that you do not have any issues related to cavities, loose teeth, or problems with your dental implants. You should also plan on taking care of any dental problems that you have been putting off for another day. Additionally, they will be able to spot any issues you have that you did not know about ahead of time.

When you need dental implants in Chicago, you can trust Dr. Daniel Kim and his team at the Northwest Implant Dental Spa. Dr. Kim is dedicated to providing a wide array of dental services, including surgery, crowns and bridges, full mouth restorations, and more.

Restore Your Mouth and Enjoy a Meal

Mouth ReconstructionSitting down and enjoying a meal is a luxury that every person can enjoy – that is unless they have issues with their teeth. When you have trouble chewing, experiencing pain every time you take a bite, you should contact a professional to help you with mouth reconstruction services. With a little help, you will be able to get back to enjoying your favorite foods whenever you would like.

There are many reasons why you may be having pain when you eat. It could be as simple as sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or as complicated as damage to the root of the tooth. Other issues that may cause pain include oral infections, teeth moving around, or cavities. When you come to see a mouth restoration professional, you will be able to receive crowns and dental surgery, as well as dental implants that are able to anchor prosthetic teeth properly.

Dr. Daniel Kim of the Northwest Implant Dental Spa is ready and willing to assist you with mouth restoration services. If other dentists have told you that you are not a good candidate for these services because of bone or tissue problems, Dr. Kim is willing to take a look at your teeth and offer you solutions.

Teeth Grinding – Potential Damage

Dentist in Wheeling ILMany people tend to grind their teeth in certain situations, but individuals who do it all the time – including in their sleep – are causing severe damage to their teeth. While seeing a specialist about stress and anxiety that can lead to tooth grinding is essential, as well as cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, you should also consult a dentist. Here are some of the ways teeth grinding can cause damage:

  • Breaking and Cracking – When you grind your teeth, you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure that can cause cracking and eventual breaking. This can cause deeper problems if you already have poor dental hygiene.
  • Worn Down Teeth – Over the years, teeth grinding can start to wear teeth down to stumps. When this happens, people will eventually have to start using dentures or look into getting dental implants. If you think you are grinding, you should consult with a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Jaw Damage – Not only does grinding hurt your teeth, but it also causes problems with the jaw. Issues include pain in the temporomandibular joint – commonly known as TMJ.

Taking care of your teeth starts with a great dentist in Wheeling, IL. You can count on Dr. Kim and his team at Northwest Implant Dental Spa for exceptional care.